How to use TPT'S New Digital Activities Feature + Back to School No Prep Printables!

29 July 2020

In-person school begins for me in a matter of weeks and, just like you, I am doing absolutely EVERYTHING I can to be as prepared as possible.  Teaching during a pandemic is no joke. Without a doubt there will be last-minute changes, hiccups, and honestly things may or may not end up being a bit of a hot mess!  While I am prepared to be flexible I also want to have everything that I can in place before we start.  To that end I made this brand new packet:   

It is full of over 100 no-prep, quality math and literacy (and some just-for-fun!) printables that can be used at the drop of a hat.  Say one of my littles suddenly develops an unfortunate cough or loses his mask or licks someone else (it is first grade afterall!)...I will have backup work in place so that my class can be hard at work while I see to the pressing matters at hand.


Here is a peek at just a few of the MANY pages in this packet:

My district is planning on starting in-person, business as usual (with extra safety precautions), but we have also been told that things could shift at any moment and we should be prepared to convert to distance learning with little notice.  Fortunately these printables can be used as a distance learning resource as well!

Teachers Pay Teachers has added an amazing feature that can turn PDF products into digital activities…and it is all customizable by YOU.  Let me walk you through it!



Isn’t that cool?  I’m so excited that, no matter where your students may be, they will be able to receive quality instruction and practice.  One of the hallmarks of teachers (and elementary students!) is that they are SUPER resilient.  Despite the complexities and craziness of this year, we may very well be all the stronger because we went through it!  If you would like more information about this feature you can check out TPT's page about it HERE


Don’t forget to make your life just a little bit easier and grab this packet while it is on sale!  Happy Teaching!

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