Trolls Boom Cards and a FREEBIE!

22 May 2020
Thank goodness for Friday.  While there are definitely some elements of distance learning that I am embracing and enjoying, I'm also feeling pretty burned out.  Fortunately, we only have a few more days of school!  Hurray for summer!

Okay, where are all of my troll lovers at?! Today I am sharing the most adorable new deck of troll-themed Boom Cards AND, to celebrate it finally being Friday, a FREE troll-themed set of printable ten frames!

With this deck of 35 Boom Cards your students will really be able to practice effectively with ten frames as they complete a variety of multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and fill-in-the-blank responses.  New to the wonderful world of Boom Cards?  Check out my post about them HERE.  Or, try it out for yourself with the free PLAYABLE PREVIEW right HERE.


After your kiddos work on the Boom Cards you could whip out this FREE set of printable ten frames! These cute troll-themed ten frames are sure to delight your little learners!  You can use the little mushroom markers I included OR get creative with pom-poms, dollar spot erasers, and more!  I've included both full-color versions AND black/white versions to suit your printing needs.  Just print, laminate, cut, and you are ready to go!

A few more ideas for use:
- math centers
- intervention work
- whole-group teaching
- counting practice (I'm doing this with my preschooler today!)

Click on this image to download!

Thanks for being here, troll lovers, and happy Friday!

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