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20 February 2020
In first grade it is always important to know which holiday is next on the calendar, haha.  My students are always excited when we have a special day coming up so I am doing my best to be prepared.  After I took down my Valentine's Day decor, as well as the Presidents' Day stuff, I got out the St. Patrick's Day box and set to work to create some fun themed activities for my little learners..  Here is what I have to share with you so far.  And, spoiler alert, more is in the works so stay tuned!

My students had such fun with my Valentine's Day puzzles that I decided to create a St. Patrick's Day version.  This inexpensive packet has four scenes and a variety of puzzles including the following: skip counting straight cut, traditional jigsaw, easy-cut, and puzzle keys.   PLUS I have included black/white versions of ALL of them so that you can save on some ink or have your students color them.

  My first graders are so proud of their puzzles, especially when they color them themselves!

I've also created a fun little file folder game that I plan to use during math centers.  There is a version with addition equations within 10 as well as one with addition equations within 20. 

Click HERE for the puzzles and HERE for the file folder game.  Happy Teaching!

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