Spooky Door Decor!

17 October 2019
I have a brand new door decor set just in time for your classroom Halloween decorations!  

I love doing decor that my students can help out with and they did such a great job with these cute little ghosts!

Grab a set for yourself here or click below!


Apple Tree Equations

01 October 2019
I'm a little behind on life...pregnancy will do that to you, haha!  Last week we had "apple week" in first grade and did a whole multitude of fun apple-themed activities.  We did a fun directed drawing, a bunch of activities from my All About Apples packet, and as a big finale activity we made a batch of applesauce.  Yum!

My first graders are starting to learn about addition equations and I knew I wanted to tie that into our fun apple theme.  Here is what I came up with!

A cute little introduction to adding with three addends, using apple trees. The three different colors of apples helped us keep our addends straight.  This was a super simple, yet effective and fun, apple activity.  You just need a few colors of construction paper and some colored dot stickers (like these).

Are you interested in doing this activity with your students?  Click right here or on the link below to download this little packet!  Happy teaching!

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