Lucky Charms Graphing Freebie

15 March 2016
Hello, friends!  I apologize for the silence on the blog as of late.  You see, I kind of had my first baby (hurray!) and am spending every waking moment with his darling little self.

Cute stuff, right?  He is the sweetest thing and James and I are just crazy about him. My six week maternity leave was full of cuddles and sleepy sweetness.

Unfortunately though real life has to set back in at some point and I am back at work.  It has been beyond hard, but while I am certainly missing my sweet baby, it has been nice to be with my sweet first graders again.  

This week we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day and I've created a free little graphing activity that you are welcome to use if you like!  My students have always enjoyed sorting out their Lucky Charms, collecting their data, and representing it in a bar graph.  I hope that you and your students enjoy this as well!  

Click above, below, or HERE to download this activity for free!

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  1. Congratulations! He's beautiful! I am full of admiration for you for going back to work so soon - maternity leave needs to be MUCH longer! Happy St. Pat's Day!


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