Classroom Decor Giveaway!

29 May 2015
Thank you all for your participation!  Click here to find a local dealer of Creative Teaching Press items near you!  Thank you!

For the last few weeks I've been walking into my school each morning with bated breath.  The promise of summer has been lingering in our hallways and now it is just around the corner!  I've been reflecting on the wonderful experiences, challenges, students and parents, and goal-setting opportunities that I have encountered this year and I cannot help but feel grateful.

I also cannot help but think just the tiniest bit about the future and how I want to tweak things a bit.  I like to do my best to improve upon things as much as I can and as I am in the midst of cleaning and packing up my classroom for the summer I've been thinking about next year's classroom decor.  Perhaps it is premature, but makes me happy. :)

I've never been one for a classroom theme...maybe I have commitment issues.  If you were to ask me what my theme is I might say, "....uh...happy bright colors and a variety of patterns...?"  Which could include a whole bunch so maybe that doesn't count as a theme.  

Creative Teaching Press has alway been my go to for classroom decor and I am excited today to share a glimpse into a few of their fun new items.  This year they are celebrating 50 years and they've really outdone themselves with these cute new classroom decor items.  Oh, and guess what?  They want to give you a chance at a $50 credit to Creative Teaching keep reading!

Creative Teaching Press has a ton of different decor collections and I've always been a fan of the Dots on Turquoise collection so I'm excited to try a new take on it with some of the new collections. I've played around with some layering of borders in the past, but I'm loving these latest ideas.

Triple Layer Playful Paisley Border over Orange Wavy Border (straight edge showing) over Lime Green Hexagons Border

Wouldn't those look great up on my wall?  Or yours? :)

Here are some other items I've got my eye on...and you might as well have your eye on them as well since you have the chance to win $50 worth of Creative Teaching Press swag! :)  I'm rapidly falling in love with the new Painted Palette collection.  Look at these!

Cute stuff, yeah?  Okay, want a chance to win $50 worth of whatever you want from Creative Teaching Press?  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway.  It's open until June 7th at 8pm!  Good luck!

For more glimpses into new products (and another chance to win!) from Creative Teaching Press, hop over to Carmen's blog, Exploring Elementary.

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