Vowel Teams

02 February 2015
I've had an unfinished packet sitting on my desktop for the last three weeks and I was finally able to take a minute or two to finish it up and get it posted to my store!  I was looking for some fun and engaging worksheets to help my students practice common vowel teams...and then I got a little bit carried away.  This packet includes the vowel teams: ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, oa, oe, and ue. Take a look!

Nine vowel team posters (in color and in black/white) are included.  I kind of have to ration my color printing so I am probably going to have a few lucky students color in these posters for me, but I wanted to give you the option!

I've also included word banks for the vowel teams as well as picture cards/words that could easily be sorted in a pocket chart or on the floor.  Again, both color and black/white are included for your printing ease! :)

My main purpose in beginning this packet was to have some good independence-friendly worksheets to help my kids practice and apply their knowledge of vowel teams within words.  I went a little overboard and there are over 40 in here.  Here is a look at a few of them...

There is also a bonus matching vowel team game included at the end of the packet.  If you are interested, click here or below to purchase this new packet!  It will be on sale until the 5th!  Happy Monday!

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