Winner, Biographies, and a FREEBIE!

19 May 2014

Well, hello there. I'm excited to announce the winner of my recent Creative Teaching Press giveaway.  Congratulations to Meagan Jo!  I'll be emailing you!

Next up, I was given the heads up to let you know that all of those fabulous new back-to-school products are live on the Creative Teaching Press website (here) and ready for you to check them out!  The products will say "out of stock", but they are due in the warehouse any day and if you get your orders in soon yours will be the first to be shipped!  CTP hasn't announced any of this yet so it is kind of super exciting that I'm allowed to spill the beans to you fabulous people.  Go check them out!  I'm headed over there myself as soon as I finish this post!

Welp, with 7 more days of school (hurray! hurray! hurray!) we are packing in as much as we can.  We've been studying biographies.  We read lots of fabulous biographies (I love these Rookie Biographies) and then we each made a biography booklet about Abraham Lincoln.  My kids LOVED doing this.

For homework I sent home a list of questions that my students were to ask of a family member, friend, neighbor, etc.  They used the responses to create a biography about that person.  They triple loved this!

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I thought this portrait of her mother was darling.

I learned a lot about my students' friends and relations from this assignment!

And this one just made me happy because, well, I'm Mormon and all. :)  If you are interested in doing these little biography booklets you can grab them for free right here!

And in the random department, I recently discovered Robert Redford movies.  Don't ask me where I've been, but now I'm pretty much obsessed.  James and I have been watching whatever we can get our hands on (we are set to watch The Sting tonight!).  Being down the street and all from his fancy property, we went up to Sundance this weekend and enjoyed the beautiful area nestled under Mount Timpanogos.  So perfect!

Okay friends, have a great night!  Check back soon for a party post about pretty plants! 

(sudden urge for alliteration...) 


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  1. Thanks for the freebie! Do you also have the list of questions you gave to students that you'd be willing to share? I look forward to using this with my kiddos!


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