Compound Words and Blog Thoughts

26 April 2014

Okay, prepare yourself for honesty.  I am currently struggling with a love/hate relationship with my blog.  The nasty part of Bethany (she has crazy hair and angry eyes) tells me that it is a waste of my time, no one could possibly be reading or caring about it, and it doesn't stand a chance with the amazing teacher-bloggers out there.  Boo-hoo, insert sad violin music...

Then I bounce back a bit (taming the hair and eyes) and remember that I LOVE keeping a digital sort of scrapbook of my adventures with my students and my journey as a teacher!  And I KNOW that the blogging world has made me a better educator. I would even venture to say that it has made me a better person.  So, on the eve of my little baby blog's first birthday, we are here to stay!

Okay, enough blogging philosophy.

The real reason of this post is to share a super simple and super fun compound word activity.  I am still recovering from our England trip and I've been trying to keep things simple, yet productive in my classroom wherever possible. We began compound words this week and had a blast with them.  I introduced compound words with this anchor chart and then we sorted them, wrote silly stories using them, and illustrated them.

  I asked my students to select a compound word, break it apart into its two components and then put it back together via illustrations.  A very simple activity, but very fun.

Love the man falling off the cliff. :)

Don't forget to stop by in a few days.  I have an exciting announcement!

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  1. I love reading you blogs, and all the great ideas that you have! Please don't stop!!


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