Valentine's Day Recap!

22 February 2014

Well I know I am about a million years late, but I wanted to share some Valentine's Day pics from my classroom!  It has been one crazy week with meetings, church assignments, field trips, and the dentist (boo!), and through it all I am trying to keep upbeat about life.

  Want to hear about the life lesson I learned in Wal Mart this morning?  Okay, here it is. I was walking hurriedly from aisle to aisle looking for crackers (I'd never been to this Wal Mart before), when an older gentleman actually stopped me and said, "Hey, smile!  It can't be that bad!"  He was so cheery and jolly.  I probably turned insta-red, but then I started grinning like a crazy lady for him and for every other person I saw in Wal Mart.  Thank you nice old man for reminding me that life is for joy, even in busy times!

Anywho, back to Valentine's Day.  I was surprised that morning by this darling banner from my utterly fabulous room moms!

Each of my firsties had done their own artistic heart renderings for me.

We did some good old Candy Heart Math.  There were a million ideas on Pinterest for conversation hearts math activities and I just combined a few into one page.

We wrote about who we would like to be our valentines and why.  The girls giggled when I showed them this...and the boys gagged.  Ha, love these kids!  This writing template came from my February Packet.

Then it was on to the party.  My room moms (did I mention they are utterly fabulous?) planned a fantastic party for my firsties.  I confess I was a bit nervous about it all as soon as the words "chocolate fountain" were brought to my attention, but everything went off without a hitch and I know the kids had a fantastic time!

This was messy, but with careful supervision (thank you parent volunteers!), no chocolate was spilled on the floor or even on any clothes!  Just plates and faces! :) 

The kids LOVED it! Chocolate-y smiles all over the place!

They played games like Don't Eat Pete, they passed out their Valentines, and they also did this Valentine dart throwing game.  My room mom created kid-safe darts and my firsties had a blast throwing them at the balloons!  In each balloon was a little prize!

I love Valentine's Day in first grade!  February has been good to us!

Oh, by the you like the new blog design?  I DO!!! I've been trying to do a bit of early spring cleaning in every area of my life, and I felt like my blog needed a pick-me-up. Kassie from Designs by Kassie is an incredible designer to work with.  She was so very helpful, kind, and patient with my requests and revisions.  If you are looking into blog designs, go check her out! She is amazing and created exactly what I was hoping for!

Feel free to grab a button over on the sidebar and follow along with me if you aren't already!  Okay, I'm off now to go work on a few March things.  It will be here before we know it!  Have a great weekend!

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