President's Day Printables {Freebie!}

08 February 2014
Hello, friends!  I hope you are having a very lovely weekend.  It has been raining all day here (strange for February in Utah!), so I've been staying cozy indoors with the Olympics on in the background and my laptop and a heart-shaped cookie close at hand!   It is so nice to relax for a little bit after a busy week full of parent conferences.  I get really psyched up about parent conferences, but I always surprisingly come out of them alive!  And it felt so good to receive happy positive feedback from parents.  I'm not a total failure! :)

I'm excited today to post a fun freebie for you!  With groundhog day, parent conferences, the Olympics, Valentine's Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week (for some reason our PTA is appreciating us extremely early this complaints here!)...I almost forgot about President's Day! Here is a free mini-packet of fun President's Day printables and activities!  I hope you enjoy using these with your class! 

Click here to download!  Oh, and if you like what you see please visit my sidebar and follow me!  Thank you!

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