The February Packet {and a giveaway!}

28 January 2014

I'm sorry that I've been a little bit absent as of late.  You see, after the move I was able to locate my camera, but my camera's battery charger has mysteriously disappeared.  Do let me know if you see it, okay?

I come to you this morning from the land of the sick.  Yesterday evening my head started feeling like it was swimming underwater without oxygen and a whole bunch of pressure smacking down upon it, so after much internal debate I decided to take a sick day.  Good thing, too.  Today my head is going deep-sea diving.  

I have a really hard time taking sick days because, along with the guilt of not being there for my students, I have a million questions whizzing through my head:

"What is the sub like?"  

"Will my kids be alright without me for a day?" (yes...of course)  

"Are these last minute plans good enough?"

"How behind will this set us?"

"How bad is it if I miss that after school meeting?"

  And my favorite, "What if they forget all about me?"

Trying to set all of that aside, here I am today.

My view from the couch this morning, via husband's ipad.

The one good thing about this kind of miserable downtime is that it has allowed me to finish up my new February Packet!

I have so enjoyed making and using these monthly packets with my class and I hope that they can be useful to you as well.  They are full of great easy-to-use printables and and many activities that can be used in a variety of ways (centers, small-group, fast finisher, etc.) If you are interested in my previous monthly packets click here: October, November, December, January

Here are some of my favorite pages from the February packet!

And there is a whole lot more besides that.  56 pages of no-prep teaching activities! 

Click here or the picture below to check it out!  Also, it will be WAAAYYYYYYYY discounted for the next week or so.  My sick head might be contributing to poor judgment in pricing :).

Grab it fast for cheap!

Have a good day!  I'm going back to bed...

Oh, I almost forgot.  I would love to give some of these packets away for free!  Leave a comment about how your day is going and I will randomly select a few to receive the new packet!


  1. Crazy enough, we just had our 2nd snow day here in SE Texas (we had our first last week). We didn't really get snow, just ice, and I don't look forward to making them up, but we certainly enjoyed staying home and snuggling!!! Hope you are feeling better fast!

  2. My day was was Friday!! I felt like you a few weeks ago and it is miserable...I hope you are feeling better :)


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