07 January 2014
I had great plans to come back to school from the holiday break full of fresh enthusiasm, excitement, and pristinely perfect teaching!  

That worked for all of an hour on Monday morning and then somehow I found myself down in the dumps.  I've got a lot going on in my life right now (we all do!) and recently I've thrown in moving homes, some health issues, and an wholly false idea that I must be the worst teacher in the world...

Perfectionism gets at me SOOOO easily.  She is probably my best friend (I love when things are perfect!) and my absolute worst enemy (unrealistic expectations are very very bad, okay?).

As I left my classroom today I told myself that I needed to step away from school stuff, physically and mentally, for a few hours.  Instead of the usual grading and planning that often occupies a weekday evening around here I decided instead to bake cookies and watch favorite old TV shows with my husband.  Hello, Perry Mason and Leave it to Beaver!  I tell you what, it has been good for this soul of mine.  It too often takes a beating from me.

Anywho, I just kinda wanted to get that out there...

And this little break has given me just enough to go back tomorrow with a smile on my face.  
Take care of yourselves, teacher friends!

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  1. Bethany!! I love your blog design!! I just found you through your comment on my blog just now! I love Utah bloggers!! And, I totally did the same thing tonight and put everything school related away and just watched tv with my hubs. It is so easy to get caught up with letting school define who we are….that's one of my goals this year…to be more balanced! So glad to have found you and to be your newest follower!


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