Happy 100th Day! and a Freebie!

31 January 2014

Today we celebrated our 100th day of school!  It was so much fun to celebrate how much we have learned in first grade so far!  My team sent home this 100th day letter asking the students to dress as if they were 100 years old.  So darling! Here are a few of the old folks in my class lining up...

It was adorable to watch them limp down the hall!
We added to our ensembles with these fun 100th day crowns from Mrs. Lee.

For homework this week my kids were to create some kind of poster with 100 items on it.  They were very creative!

The morning was spent playing hundred dice games and writing about what our lives will be like when we are 100 years old.  I didn't get any pictures of this, but I did write down a few things I overheard while students were working on these things:

"Old people are always hungry."
"Ahhh, my back!"
"I didn't walk like this back in 1980."

Haha, first graders are so much fun!  To showcase that we are 100 days smarter we created these posters with 100 math equations we can solve, 100 words we can write, and 100 friends we have made.

The highlight of the day was probably making these 100 fruit loop necklaces!

The whole room smelled very sugary and sweet during this activity! :)

Students used these free sorting mats (here) to organize their necklaces before stringing the fruit loops onto a piece of yarn.

I wanted to drive home the base ten concept with these necklaces so I had my students put a little "10 checkpoint" after every 10th fruit loop all the way up to 100.
You can grab these little "10 checkpoints" for free right here!  They were printed on card stock for sturdiness and then students used a single hole punch to make a hole before stringing them on the necklaces. 

Okay, I lied.  The highlight of the day was probably the 100th Day Trail Mix!  I asked each student to bring in a sandwich bag of 100 snack items.  We mixed it all up and divided out the goods!

It was interesting to watch how some kids meticulously sorted their trail mix into categories based on attributes :), and others just dove in and gobbled the whole thing up!

The whole day was such fun!  Hurray for making it to the 100th day!  It has been a great year so far and I am so excited for the many adventures to come!  80 more days to go! 
Not that I'm counting...

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  1. Fun! I don't have a homeroom but I might steal some of your ideas for my ESL students! The fruit loop necklace looks like a great one to do with my kids!

    Everyone deServes to Learn


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