The November Packet

04 November 2013

Well, I'd just like to start this post by saying that it is way past my bedtime!  My district is near the end of our first grading period and I've been hard at work on this couch with my laptop in hand, or...lap...trying to get it all done.  On top of that, my husband has to write a research paper and for the sake of companionship (or something) I am trying to stay up with him for a bit.  Now with all that being said I'd better move along with this post because my eyelids are starting to feel heavy!

I had so much fun making The October Packet last month that I decided to make another packet for the lovely month of November!  I love November so much and I try to savor the happy and grateful anticipation that is so prevalent in the air.  I'm trying to implement my love of the seasons and holidays into my teaching because, let's face it, it simply makes me (and my kids!) happy!  So, I present to you, my friends, The November Packet!

We're switching out the pumpkins and trick-or-treat bags for turkeys and cornucopias!  This packet is filled with 50 pages of all new math, literacy, and hey-we-just-need-a-little-holiday-fun activities!  Here is a peek at some of the pages from this packet!

I warn you, it is kind of big peek! :)

Included are addition, subtraction, and dice activities, as well as heap of three-dimensional shape pages and a fun greater than/less than game.

There is a variety of Thanksgiving writing pages, sequencing activities, sight word and labeling practice pages, and a cute little mini-book for your little friends to make!

And there are a ton of pages that can be used in a variety of activities or to supplement what you already do in your class.  There is also a cute little turkey tracer craft to help spruce up your classroom for the holiday!

There you have it!  Make sure you grab it soon, it will be on sale throughout the rest of this week!  Click here or any of the pictures above! And happy November to you!  I hope it is such a happy wonderful time for you and your students!

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