CVC Freebie!

13 October 2013
Hello, friends!  I was sifting through some old computer files just now and I stumbled across this little page...

I made this weeks ago for my students and I intended to put it up here as a freebie for you all to enjoy!  But somehow I promptly forgot that...

Sign of an overworked brain?

Anyways, do enjoy it!  Click the picture above or click here! This was great practice for my little guys.  And a word to the wise, discuss the definition of a "yak" before beginning this page ;).  Some of my little friends had no idea what that horned creature was...

Have an amazing and relaxing Sunday!  Oh, and please check back soon...I've been reviewing some products and I have got an exciting giveaway coming up for you! 

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this goody! It will be perfect with my beginning readers!

    Lucky to Be in First


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