Hurray for Handwriting!

29 July 2013
Heya!  I'm excited to announce a new packet today that's all to do with handwriting! Hurray!

I love handwriting and I love trying to come up with ways to motivate my students to have neat handwriting.  For one thing, when you can actually read what the little ones are trying to write it makes life a whole lot better, and for another, parents and those second grade teachers sure do love it when the first graders learn good handwriting practices!

This packet has lots of resources to teach good handwriting, practice good handwriting, and maintain that good handwriting!  We start with letter formation guides and oral prompts for all letters, capital and lowercase, and numbers 0-9. 

I plan to put these pages in page protectors so I can write on them with dry-erase marker, throw them all in a binder, and then use them to show letter formation.  I'm not allowing myself to go back into my classroom yet (2 more weeks!) or I would show you this.  I guess you'll just have to wait, but I'm sure you get the idea.  After I teach a letter I like to practice examples and non-examples on this.

Next up we have all of the resources you need to make a student handwriting book with practice pages of 2 kinds for each letter.

It is one thing to teach good handwriting from the beginning, and it is another thing to maintain it and keep the little darlings motivated to keep it!  

Enter...The Handwriting Fairy!  

Oh my goodness, my friend the Handwriting Fairy has worked her magic in my class so many times and my kids are always ecstatically excited about it.  All I do is I leave one of these little reward notes out on a desk of a deserving student with a little treat and dash of glitter.  

This instantly improves the handwriting of the entire class!  See, magic!  I've also included a few Handwriting Fairy motivation posters so the kids know what our magical friend is looking for. Here are a few of them...


So there you have it! 135 pages of handwriting joy!  Grab it here or click on the picture below. It will be on sale throughout the rest of this week!  Happy Teaching!


  1. Awesome Handwriting packet!!!


  2. That looks great for kinder/first! I wish I could use it...but your cover looks even better! Love it!

    Everyone deServes to Learn


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