Go Math and a Freebie 120 Chart!

15 July 2013

Hello!  I've been slightly awol these days what with, well, you know...summer.  Like you, I'm trying to fit in all the summer fun and relaxation that I can.  I'm a total stress case during the school year (ask my poor husband) and these sunny summer months do wonders for my mental state!

I spent the weekend camping with my husband's family (so fun!) and preparing my house for a family visit this evening.  I've also spent a little bit of time pouring over my school's new math text.  This is our first year of adopting the math common core and we elected to use the text, Go, Math!  Do any of you have experience with this text? Whenever I say it I get the urge to wave a giant pom-pom and shout GO...........MATH!!!  A little math enthusiasm never hurt anyone, right?

I can't say the text is perfect (is any?), but I'm liking a lot of things about it so far.  It is all neat and common core aligned with a lot of cool technology resources and content integration.  It does seem to be comprised of quite a few worksheets though so my team plans to supplement with additional investigative math tasks and exploration activities.

I'm very excited that the first grade number bar has been raised from 100 to 120.  Many a time have I set a high expectation and (with ample support and opportunity) been utterly surprised by my students' ability to meet it!  I'm excited to be surprised this year!

For easy reference, I whipped up this little 120 chart that I plan to put into each of my student's homework folders.  I've also included a checklist of ways to use the 120 chart. Click on either of the pictures and grab this freebie for yourself!  Enjoy!

You can also grab it for free at my TPT store, here!
Oh, and just so you know this freebie is part of the Fabulous Freebies on the 15th Linky Party from Lucky to Be in First.  Go to Molly's blog and grab some more freebies!  Wahoo!  I'm on my way over there right now....


  1. I love the list of activities kiddos can do with their 120 list! Thanks so much for the goody!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Thank you for the cute 120 chart:)

  3. Our school also just adopted Go Math! and as you, whenever I say I want to "cheer" it!

  4. Thank you so much for this freebie! I love the activities. I'm a Mormon too!

  5. I will put this in a sheet protector and add to the three prongs in my kinders' Daily Folder that goes to and from school each day. It will give families some ideas of things to do during "DST" Designated Study Time. I will also have our 4th grade partners do these activities with them periodically. Thank you for sharing!

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