Wedding Week and Number Cards!

23 June 2013

It may be that my head likes to fill itself with shimmering glowing ideals about summer...or I may have just forgotten that this can also be a very busy time of year!  Seriously, it has been extremely awesome to have a break from school, but I can't say that I am any less busy!  This might have something to do with the fact that two of my siblings are getting married this week.  TWO!  It is like wedding preparation crazy land over at my parent's house so I've been helping out where I can.  

My widdo brother Mikey is getting married down here in the valley, but my sweet sister Lisa is getting married up in Park City.  We are headed up to the mountains for the rest of the weekend, and I only have a minute before I need to get all prepped and packed and ready to go.  Oh, and I need to whip up a lightning-fast batch of muddy buddies for the car ride up.  You know, just, um...because.

But first!  I had a sweet reader request I add some number cards to my Chalk it up! Decor Pack.  So I did!  I totally love messing around with borders and fonts and papers and all that jazz, so it was great fun. Number cards 0-120 (and some added bonus library labels) are now part of the packet, no extra charge. You can also get the number cards just by themselves right here.

Alrightsy, gotta go crank out those muddy buddies.  Have an amazing rest of your day!  I'll be back after my family's crazy happy wedding week!


  1. I love finding other UT bloggers! Cute blog! :)

  2. Thanks so much, Lindsey! As one of your devoted followers that really means a lot to me!


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