In which I hint about my possible Jane Austen obsession

03 June 2013

Whew!  One day of summer math training down!  Our district is preparing to adopt the Math Common Core for this upcoming school year and we are spending all week in district-wide training meetings to prepare.  It sure makes for long days, but I am learning so much and I am so excited to incorporate all of these things into our little lives next year.  

On an unrelated note, have I ever told you how much I love journals?  Because I do!  All through high school I was a dedicated journal writer and I love now being able to go back and read of those happy and emotional and crazy times. 

 I love having my students keep journals for so many reasons.  During my first year of teaching I came up with my own system of journaling for my littles and I've been wanting to fine tune and make pretty all of my journal resources.  So, I've been working on my largest packet yet (hoorah!).  It has journal covers for each month, writing prompts, mini-posters, and more.  Stay tuned because it is going to be pretty awesome!  

And now it is time for date night for the poor teacher and her college student husband.  
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and this beautiful movie!

Life is good!  More math training tomorrow!

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