Day Three!

05 June 2013

I just got back from the last day of our district's Common Core Math training.  I can't tell you how excited I am about everything that I have learned: new instructional practices, new ways to foster good math conversations, new ways to design meaningful math tasks!  It is awesome!  In addition to the new curriculum we just received our new math text that is all neat and Common Core aligned: Go Math!  We spent some good time today looking through it all and deciding how best to use it.  Our district is very inquiry-based (hallelujah!) and we certainly don't intend to simply stick to one written program.  The goal is to look at all of our resources (including the awesome Investigations texts we've been using) and combine them into one lovely math experience for our sweet little students.  Tomorrow I am going to be meeting with my beautiful team members and we're going to hash out a scope and sequence curriculum map.  I don't mean to let on too much about this, but I'm kind of excited!  That, and we are having Cafe Rio delivered to our classrooms!  THAT will be a lovely thing as well!!

Oh, and the other awesome result of this training?  Our home room was the most organized and beautiful high school classroom I have ever seen in my life!  Look at these crates!  Just a little bit of ribbon can really make a difference in the cuteness factor.  I kind of really plan on copying this!

And one final thought, my friends...a little preview for my upcoming journal packet.  I've been working really hard to get all of my journal resources in one organized place and I am excited to share it with you all. 

Coming soon!

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