Almost to summer! and a journal packet!

10 June 2013

I feel a little envious of all of you out there catching some rays and  getting the naps you've been needing all year!  School ended a week and a half ago for me, but I haven't made it to summer quite yet.  Now that I've finished up all the Common Core training for the year and my team's planning days, I am spending this whole week helping with our school's summer school.  

I kind of feel like a mule with a carrot dangling out in front, but I'm determined to keep walking and I'll get that carrot eventually!  Free time to sit in the sun and do absolutely whatever sounds simply glorious!  We'll get there!

In the meantime, I've finished my little journal packet!  It actually turned out quite a bit bigger than I was expecting, but it is full of good journal resources.  I've included journal cover pages for every month of the year.

A variety of manuscript paper with an increasing number of lines as students become more fluent writers. Over 90 journal writing prompts.  I like to keep these in an "idea jar" so I've included a label for that as well.

A variety of reference posters and assessment tools.

I love journals (I believe I've told you this before!), and this method of monthly journaling has worked extremely well for me my past 2 years.  Wouldn't change it for the world.  
Click here to purchase!

And hey, enjoy every day of this summer!  What a beautiful time! 

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