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27 June 2013

Wedding week in my family is in full swing!  In addition to my two siblings getting married, two of my cousins also got hitched. Three weddings down, one more to go tomorrow!

I've had a little time (yay, summer!) to finish up another decor packet.  I wanted a little something that would go well with my  Chalkboard and Brights decor pack, Chalk it up!  You see, I am not the kind of gal to have absolutely everything in my classroom matchy matchy to a T.  I need a little more eclecticism and flexibility.  You know what I'm saying?  Everything also needs to be purposeful and functional...though sometimes there are exceptions to that....I mean, when something is just so totally cute you can't say no.  

Anywho, in an attempt to make my classroom happy and sweet and in an attempt to contrast with my chalkboard brights, I came up with this classroom label and decor packet, A Happy Place.  It features some chalkboard, some soft and sweet pastels, a lot of chevron and other cute patterns, and a whole lot of happiness.  Classrooms should be happy, right?  For the kidsies and for their teachersies!

Here are a few pictures to show some of the contents of this new packet.  Oh, and I know you'll just be so grateful that I used my old rickety table and borrowed couch to model these items!  As you know, we are a poor college student and his poor teacher wife so we just make the most of what we can :).  Not exactly luxurious living over here!

Schedule cards, Months of the Year labels, Days of the Week labels, Alphabet Labels (for book bins, word wall, or whatever you please), number cards 0-120.  

I told you about my gorgeous couch, right?  Ahem, the packet includes 8 blank bunting elements to use as you wish and a welcome sign with editable blanks so you can say whatever you want. 

There are 8 different binder covers with matching spines to help with your happy organizational needs!

I could also rant about the carpet in my apartment right about now....but I will spare you!  In this packet you will find everything you need to make a cute teacher toolbox.  You know, like the kind spattered everywhere on Pinterest! There are large and small labels with every different supply name under the sun!  There are also editable blanks in case you can think of some that I forgot!

There it is!  I hope you enjoy this packet.  107 pages of happy sweetness that you can edit and change to best suit your needs!

Click here to purchase!  It will be on sale through the week!

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