16 May 2013
So I've been thinking a lot about changes I want to put in place before next year.  I'm trying to tell my mind to give it a rest and just think about summer and freedom instead!  Some days that totally works and others I succumb and start making project lists and pinning zillions of back-to-school ideas.  Anyone else do this?

I've been snapping pictures around my classroom in an attempt to catalog what things were like this year so that I can look back at it in years to come.  Yesterday I snapped most of my bulletin boards.  I love bulletin boards!  Like....a lot!  I hope I'm not alone in this.  I do want to improve mine though and make them more beneficial and useful to my sweet little darlings next year.

My math word wall served us well, but I'm excited to change it up next year!  My district is adopting the common core math curriculum and I found these beautifully perfect common core math vocabulary cards from First Grade Fanatics!

Calendar needs a little help.  I want to be change a few things to make our calendar time more meaningful. 
 Any good ideas out there?

You can't see it very well, but I used blue and white striped wrapping paper for the backdrop of my word wall.  I'm sure others have thought of this, but the idea of using wrapping paper struck me like a bolt of lightning one night when I was going to bed.  Suddenly the possibilities were endless!  
Sometimes I feel like a total right now after writing that sentence :).

These are a few of our Strong Reader goals.  They all come from Growing Readers by Kathy Collins.  LOVE this book!  

This board housed our weekly writing goals, vocabulary, 
and word families.

Okay, enough bulletin boards.  On to summer, eh? 

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