Sink or Float

08 May 2013

We had such a fun time today with our sink/float science lesson.  My kids were very excited to become real scientists and they took their jobs of predicting, testing, and concluding very seriously!  We started out with a little vocab and a KWL chart to get our schema going.  I was very impressed with what they knew already and with the questions that they wanted answered.

...excuse that typo in the Learned section...we'll fix that :)

After some VERY CLEAR instructions about not chucking objects into water tubs or starting a water war with your neighbor...we set to work making predictions and testing out our hypotheses.  So great!

They did so well!  I expected and prepared for some mighty soaked desks, but my kids were so responsible with their materials.

They really loved that do-or-die, sink-or-float moment when they discovered whether or not their prediction was correct.  They also loved being surprised by a few objects like the sponge or the pumice.  I loved being able to watch their predictions unfold and change as they tested more and more objects.  

Now, I am new to this whole thing and I don't profess to have a single soul reading this....BUT, just in case someone is and just in case that someone is interested in this lesson, you can grab the materials I made for this lesson right here.

 In my itty bitty TPT store.   Thanks!!

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