School's Out

30 May 2013

I get so excited for things like the last week of school!  Everyone seems happy and like we are on the verge of something amazing happening.  Like summer!  Although it was fun, my last week of school was CRAZY!  

On Tuesday we had our dance festival (my kids were so cute!) and indoor field day.  Yes, INDOOR field day.  Right after the dance festival it started pouring and our sweet PTA reorganized all of the field day activities so they could be done inside in our classrooms.  Kids were kind of wired, volunteers a little stressed, but I think we all had fun.

On Wednesday I held a big celebration for my first graders and we invited their parents to share in the joy.  I gave each little one a job and a badge (things like "welcome committee", "usher", "snack manager", and "pre-show joke-teller".  The kids LOVED having their own jobs and it honestly made my life a whole lot easier.  As I was introducing our two MCs to the parents I told them that I spend a good majority of my life in front of people talking and that today I was going to give myself a break and let the kids run the show.  Turned out to be a great decision!  We shared a few projects from the year, ate some cookies, and watched a slideshow of pictures that I've been saving up.

Today, our last, was short and sweet; I had a precious hour and a half with my little darlings.  I wasn't prepared for the showering of generous gifts and cards, the sweet little tears, and the great big hugs.  This class has been so hard for me in a lot of ways, but I sure do love them and will miss them!!!

After a couple of trainings next week it will be summertime for realsies!  Huzzah!

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