Memory Book

15 May 2013

Whew!  Our school had the annual Walk-a-thon today and my little ones had such a great time.  They averaged about 17 laps around our field and I was so proud of them.  By the time we were done they were so totally exhausted that we turned out the lights in our classroom and just lay down on the floor for a little while :).  Nothing like a little rest!

The year is beginning to wind down and I find myself with mixed emotions.  Part of me is so relieved to have a break and some freedom coming up, but part of me knows I am going to miss my little ones a whole bunch.  My goal is to savor and enjoy these last 2 weeks and make the most of every moment with my sweet kids.  I've been working on this memory book to help us remember the great times we've had together this year.  Check it out here.

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