Hiccups and Cupcakes

24 May 2013

Today I was trying my best to do some great last-week-of-school-classroom-management to a child who thought it might be a good idea to pretend to be a cat and scratch the kid next to him....?  
Yeah, so not okay in my class.  Anyway, I took said scratcher aside and started having a conversation with him about this kind of behavior.....and then.....I suddenly had the worst case of the hiccups!  I couldn't speak more than two words without a great big horrible hiccup coming out of me. It was kind of the worst.  

And kind of hilarious.  

The little one I was talking to thought it was rather funny, but he made a valiant effort to suppress his giggles. So much for great management. 

In other news, I've been brainstorming a gift to give to my little darlings on the last day of school.  After much internal discussion and thought (and perhaps a few cravings...),
 I came up with these:

Yum.  I might save a few for myself.  Or more than a few. And although 1st grade was NOT a piece of cake, we all had an amazing year and we should go out on a super sweet note.  


Interested in my little cupcake printable dealies? 
 I've got them for PreK-6th Grade.  Grab them right here!

Or, click on this picture! 
Finally figured out how to link images.  


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  1. I love your end of the year cupcake printables! So cute!!!!! Happy to be your newest follower!!

    Table Talk with C & C


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