How to use TPT'S New Digital Activities Feature + Back to School No Prep Printables!

29 July 2020

In-person school begins for me in a matter of weeks and, just like you, I am doing absolutely EVERYTHING I can to be as prepared as possible.  Teaching during a pandemic is no joke. Without a doubt there will be last-minute changes, hiccups, and honestly things may or may not end up being a bit of a hot mess!  While I am prepared to be flexible I also want to have everything that I can in place before we start.  To that end I made this brand new packet:   

It is full of over 100 no-prep, quality math and literacy (and some just-for-fun!) printables that can be used at the drop of a hat.  Say one of my littles suddenly develops an unfortunate cough or loses his mask or licks someone else (it is first grade afterall!)...I will have backup work in place so that my class can be hard at work while I see to the pressing matters at hand.


Here is a peek at just a few of the MANY pages in this packet:

My district is planning on starting in-person, business as usual (with extra safety precautions), but we have also been told that things could shift at any moment and we should be prepared to convert to distance learning with little notice.  Fortunately these printables can be used as a distance learning resource as well!

Teachers Pay Teachers has added an amazing feature that can turn PDF products into digital activities…and it is all customizable by YOU.  Let me walk you through it!



Isn’t that cool?  I’m so excited that, no matter where your students may be, they will be able to receive quality instruction and practice.  One of the hallmarks of teachers (and elementary students!) is that they are SUPER resilient.  Despite the complexities and craziness of this year, we may very well be all the stronger because we went through it!  If you would like more information about this feature you can check out TPT's page about it HERE


Don’t forget to make your life just a little bit easier and grab this packet while it is on sale!  Happy Teaching!

August Boom Cards Bundle

24 July 2020

I’ll admit that I may have had a panic attack or two in March when schools closed and distance learning was thrust upon us, but I actually am now finding myself somewhat appreciative of the experience.  We teachers were suddenly forced to embrace teaching in a whole new way and with all new tools.  It sure wasn’t pretty at first (at least for me!), but I really feel like I got the hang of it and was able to do the best I possibly could for my first graders.


One of my saving graces in the Spring was my discovery of Boom Cards!  They are floating all over Pinterest and Instagram so you’ve probably heard of them by now (if you haven’t, check out my post about them HERE...oh, and it includes a FREE deck!).  Let me just be 900th person to tell you…they are amazing!  They are no-prep, engaging, productive, self-checking(!!!!), and FUN!

I’ve been working hard to create monthly bundles of Boom Cards decks to use with my first graders this year and to offer to you as well!  Each bundle will have 12 easy-to-access decks with a variety of math and literacy skills that are appropriate for that time of the year and the developmental levels of our first graders. Today I wanted to share my all new August Bundle of Boom Card decks!  The decks can be purchased individually (they are linked) or you can grab them all at once and SAVE with the deeply discounted bundle!


Boom Cards really are the way to go, whether you are using them in your classroom, as part of your homeschooling efforts, or for distance learning!



You can also check out the other monthly bundles and the rest of my Boom library HERE. Hang in there, teachers!  Happy teaching!

Pandemic Teaching: YOU CAN DO THIS!

07 July 2020
Teaching during a pandemic is no joke.  That abrupt shift to distance learning this spring still has me reeling a bit.  And as I look ahead to August and all of the unknowns that come along with going back to school there is a part of me that wants to cower and hide in a corner.  #anxiousteachermama. I have to do some serious self-encouragement lest my worries get the best of me.  This image is literally my desktop background right now, haha!

Despite my fears, there is also a part of me that wants to stand up straight, take whatever the heck is thrown at me, and do my VERY BEST for my future students.  While I am sure it will not be easy by any means, teachers have so many innate qualities that can bolster us up at a time such as this: courage, resourcefulness, commitment, determination, and love, to name a few.  You've got this!

In an attempt to make things easier for myself (and hopefully a few others!) when I step back into the classroom, I created this brand new resource:

Pandemic Hygiene in the Classroom
has just what you need to help your little learners feel more comfortable with the extra hygiene practices that may be in place.  Is anyone else freaking out about managing a room full of little mask-wearers who are supposed to wash their hands almost constantly?  I was too, so I created some specific things to help myself out with that. This download is PACKED full of teaching resources to help encourage good classroom hygiene and a happy, healthy school year!  Take a look!

This book, "My School and the Pandemic" will help your students connect with and understand how COVID-19 is affecting their school and their world.  There are four version: full color, black/white, mini, and a digital version (I see you, distance learning) via Google Slides.


Here is a quick flip-through of all of the pages:

My district and school are still ironing out the details for keeping our schools and classrooms extra sanitary, but one thing I do know....everyone will be washing their hands A LOT.  Like twelve times a day.  Don't get me wrong, I am all about being extra cautious and clean, but it makes me a little bit dizzy to think about how to facilitate this with 30 six year-olds.  Cue the posters and printables!





Here's my little classroom sink area set up just now:

And our hand-sanitizing station:

And, to be perfectly honest, I am even more nervous about mask wearing in the classroom.  There is just so much potential for problems and chaos, haha!  But we'll figure it out (that's what we do best!) and hopefully some of these resources will help!


Yep, I'm definitely giving out those "Mask Hero" badges for my stalwart mask wearers!  I will probably have to give one to myself as well, ha! Hopefully that way we will all be motivated. This pocket chart will also facilitate a great discussion about the do's and don't's when it comes to masks.

After all of the mask management stuff we'll definitely want to have some fun with this word scramble, design-a-mask page, and mini-book!


This packet also has some cute and versatile hygiene posters that you can display in your classroom.  Some of them are unique to this time (like mask wearing and social distancing), but many of them can be used even after the reminders to cough into your elbow, wash your hands frequently, or brush your teeth before school.


.    .       

.    .       

.    .       

As a fun little bonus this packet also includes FREE access to my two pandemic-themed decks of Boom Cards!  New to Boom Cards?  They are the BEST!  You can read more about them HERE.


It is my sincere hope that this resource can be helpful to you, teacher friend!  These times are unprecedented and I am convinced that we need to lean one one another to get through.  Teaching during a pandemic?  You can totally do it!  Happy Teaching!

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